motorcycle ducati 848 Evo

In the year 2011 issued a motorcycle ducati 848 Evo. With a maximum power of 140 bhp, 848 EVO claimed to be the most powerful sport bike Ducati ever made​​. With additional carry the name of EVO, a motorcycle is much faster than the previous generation 6 bhp thanks to the Testastretta engine and peak torque to 98 Nm, combined with the EVO brakes Bre848 able to produce power output of 140 bhp at 10,500 rpm with peak torque to 98 Nm at 9750 rpm .
2011 848 EVO early arrival would see bikes that are available to order from July 20, 2010, with demo bikes arrive in dealerships in late July, and customer orders are sent in September.
  Ducati 848 EVO priced £ 10,695, or about Rp147 million to the standard variant and 9995 pounds, or approximately USD 138 million for variant Dark Stealth.

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